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Nutrition Counseling
Nutrition Counseling

As a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, I have the training and experience to help guide you in improving your diet and lifestyle. At The Simple Ingredient we focus on a whole foods approach to improving your eating plan and sustainable lifestyle modification. Whether you are interested in seeing a dietitian to help reduce your risk or manage a medical condition OR simply want to improve your diet and lose weight, I can help.

Here are a few ways that The Simple Ingredient can help you:

Nutrition & Lifestyle Strategies

The Simple Ingredient will help guide you on evidenced-based nutrition and lifestyle strategies to help you meet your wellness goals. Whether you are focused on losing weight or simply want to improve your diet, we can help. 

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition therapy (MNT) is different that general wellness and dietary counseling. MNT is an evidenced-based and therapeutic approach to treating medical conditions and symptoms with a customized diet plan. MNT can be utilized to help individuals with various medical conditions including celiac disease, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, etc. 

Meal Planning & Recipes

Do you struggle with developing healthy meals and snacks for the week? The Simple Ingredient can help teach you how to put together simple, healthy and delicious meals and snacks to fit your lifestyle and health goals. 

Mindful Eating Strategies

Mindful eating takes into account the internal and external cues that impact eating patterns and food choices. Developing more awareness around food and eating habits can help with making healthy changes.